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San Diego Gypsyfest 2017
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Artist Profile
The Lindy Crandall Band
Indie / Jazz / Pop from Vista, CA
Performing on the The Speakeasy Stage in 2017
Years Performing: 2017
Lindy Crandall is a singer/songwriter who writes thoughtful lyrics with Jazzy chords. Her keyboard and vocally-driven songs are executed with catchy refrains and rhythms. Her band is comprised of the multi-instrumentalist David Tcheng, who plays everything from saxophone to accordion, Daniel Martin who delivers a driving funky bass, and drummer Liam Lawless, whose tasteful yet intricate drum patterns provide a natural backdrop for her music. Together they create a fun and inspiring performance that will keep you dancing on your feet with Jazzy improvisations, as well as listening consciously to the honesty of the words and music.
2017 San Diego Gypsyfest Event Sponsors
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