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San Diego Gypsyfest 2017
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Artist Profile
The Local
Indie Rock from San Diego, CA
Performing on the Busker's Square Stage in 2017
Years Performing: 2017, 2016
The Local is an original San Diego-based indie rock band fronted by singer-songwriters Scott Walsh and Amy Day. Their acoustic set showcases their vocal harmonies and thoughtful lyrics. Listen for unconventional rhythms and influences that range from folk to country to punk, including Dylan, Wilco, Ryan Adams, the Smiths and Fugazi.
2017 San Diego Gypsyfest Event Sponsors
2017 San Diego Gypsyfest Sponsors: Kill Devil Spirit Co. - MVR Entertainment - Pacific Greens West Coast - Mannequin Vanity Records - Anthology Entertainment - San Diego City Beat - Deering Banjo Co. - Clarity Recordings
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